Culinary Art

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These Cuisine learning experiences are special educational programs, designed specifically for the savvy travellers who want to fully immerse themselves into the culinary history of exotic India. These unique culinary tours are led by expert chefs who guide through private kitchens, local bazaars and markets exposing guests to tantalizing smells and sights. As you sample the local cuisine and interact with your hosts, you gain insight into how history has influenced their daily diet, how certain spices, fruits and nuts were introduced, how religion, traditions, climate and geography have all played a part in making their cuisine unique and extraordinary. With our Expert Chef, the culinary tours are a once in a life time chance to discover and try out authentic recipes, learn local food preparation methods and enjoy special menus. Although the main emphasis is on food, these itineraries also include comprehensive sightseeing and interaction with locals who share your passion for good food including housewives and professional chefs!

We have carefully researched destinations that have enticed, tantalized and intrigued us with unfathomable wealth of their cuisine and we invite you to join us on any one of our culinary adventures.