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India is recognized world over to be the birth place of many religions. It is well-known that “Vedas and Upanishads” – sacred and ancient text of the Hindus, has answers to all world’s problems.

Indian philosophies including both orthodox and unorthodox system, is the systems of thought and reflection that were developed by the civilizations of the Indian subcontinent. Indian thought has been concerned with various philosophical problems, significant among which are the nature of the world (cosmology), the nature of reality (metaphysics), logic, the nature of knowledge (epistemology), ethics, and the philosophy of religion.

We provide extensive insights to each religions philosophy and offer you specialized courses that bring you much closer to the religions that became so popular in South East Asia. The philosophies are age old and time tested and on a personal front they make life meaningful and satisfying.

We take you to temples and other places of worship. At these religious places one can relate to the philosophies learned in books and observe how people practice them in their routine life.

Popular philosophy courses are

Jainism- According to Jainism the path to enlightenment is through self restraint and hardships, the more you suffer here on this earth the more dearly and closer you will get to god.

Hinduism- What differentiates Hinduism from all other religions is the belief of life after death, it says the soul is eternal and never dies it just changes its body shapes.

Buddhism philosophies – It is one of the fastest spreading religions of Asia.It was born in India where Lord Buddha took birth, attained wisdom and delivered his first sermon. His teachings became popular all across Asia. Buddhists believe in taking offerings, whatever they get they are happy in it.