History and Culture

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The history and culture of India is not limited to one or two regions. It is prevalent all over the nation. The tourists can always explore something new and unique in every part of the country. They also come to know that the various cultures widespread throughout the country, also bring integrity.

Indian civilization has its roots in Indus Valley civilization which is considered to be one of the oldest civilizations on this earth. Our tour will take you through many ancient preserved sites where you can view the colonies and social structure of ancient civilization.

India has had many rulers over the centuries and all of them made an impact on India's culture. One can see the influence of various cultures in dance, music, festivities, architecture, traditional customs, food, and languages. It is due to the influence of all these various cultures that the heritage and culture of India is exhaustive and vibrant. This richness in culture goes a long way in projecting India as the ultimate cultural tourism destination.

We also introduce you to various cultures and tribes along with details on their living and peculiar lifestyle. Through the program you can interact and indulge in meeting the tribes, understanding their culture.
This tour is beneficial for business students also as by knowing the history and culture of any society; one can ascertain how to devise the marketing and sales plan.